Turksnmor Poultry Farm
Heritage Turkeys and Heritage Chickens

Turksnmor Poultry Farm is a bio-secure, 9 acre facility dedicated to managing a healthy, happy, flock. Our goal is to provide the best possible environment for our birds so that they live long, productive lives. Our poultry farm uses the best possible feed available to produce high quality eggs, birds, and meat. No hormones, medications or pesticides are used in our feed, field or environment.  

We can not say that we are 'certified organic' since poultry do not do well, lay well and maintain weight well on the currently marketed 'organic' poultry feeds. The feed we use is from the highest quality grains - but the farms that grow them are not certified organic, thereforethe feed can not be certified organic. The issue of "certification" in organic feed is political rather than nutritional - and it is complex.  

We use 16% CHS PayBack poultry pellet as the mainstay of the poultry diet, supplement with oyster shell calcium from our friends in Winchester Bay, Oregon. You can check the CHS (PayBack) web site for specific nutritional ingredients. The birds receive vegetables all year long and of course plenty of native rye and clover grasses.

Part of our philosophy is to help sustain the local economy  - specifically in the West Central Region of Oregon. Therefore we sell our turkey and chicken eggs at the Reedsport and Eugene Farmers Market, as well as, locally and mail order.

Turksnmor Poultry Farm is a licensed egg handling facility however we do not butcher, handle or sell duck meat from this farm.

Since we strive to be environmentally contentious, we are actively working with various local and state agencies to reduce the environmental impact of having a free range flock on our field.

If you would like to visit the farm, it can be arranged by appointment only.

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